Thank you. It is most effective when applied right after the cut is made into the wood-hence the name “Green Wood Sealer.”. To seal the wood, I would suggest a waterproof sealer by Thompson’s or a spar urethane by Minwax for even more protection over time. What sealer can give me extra longevity? "text": "I provided a good answer to this question earlier, but this is a good opportunity to mention another method that some people recommend. Re: Best finish for wood stairs bona traffic but put on 3 coats of traffic plus one coat sealer or synteko claasic just put three coats but synteko stinks bad as. What a great article and you really know your stuff. I would suggest wiping all the wood down really well with mineral spirits before applying anything to it. For those with large projects to do, this sealer offers a chance to save a few bucks. 1.

You don’t want to try a paint gun because a sealant will clog the tip very quickly. I should also mention that this product isn’t the best choice for softwoods. It will also be necessary to remove any remnants of the previous finish. A simple polyurethane topcoat should seal it well enough. But, here are the top wood sealer reviews for you to consider buying. The short answer; yes. They are northwest facing but will get a morning and afternoon sun, as well as wind and rain/snow. When we take a look at various reviews, we can see one complaint that repeats itself: This product has apparently been changed from its original form. Some of the most delightful furniture, cabinetry, and trim work are crafted from wood, the world’s oldest and best-loved building material. Based on a quick look at this product’s Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS), it may not be quite as safe and non-toxic as advertised. These little bits of peeling paint will keep your sealer from doing its job, so all of it has to go. Also, be aware that this product should only be used to seal the ends of your wood project; it is not a stain and its waxy texture is not the right fit for areas that you’d walk on or frequently touch. 1 coat application with minimal prep and pretty easy re-application in subsequent yrs; B. Won’t darken mahogany much or at all; C. Controls mildew; D. Some greying of wood ok. We just sanded all surfaces after another product that we weren’t happy with after 2 yrs, so now we’re ready for a new better approach. Remember: If you put down sealer without fixing the underlying problems, those problems will be sealed in place forever. According to both the company and many customers, this sealer will allow the wood to turn gray over time. I’ve never had a problem with it. It could be that they went too far in their desire to be eco-friendly. Varnishes are denser so they don’t penetrate into the wood. This sealant is suitable for both pressure wood treatment and new wood as in your case. I use the Waterlox Original Finish for all of the wooden toys that I make for my Etsy shop. Looking to possibly stain then seal it to keep it from turning grey again. Actually it’s because Waterlox comes only in gallon size which means it’s price by default 3-4 times higher since most of the other options are 1 quart volume. Last but not least, we have this sealer that happens to be among the best wood protectors out there. What do you suggest? Since we have two dogs we can’t keep them out of the house for too long. I am still unsure about which product to use & the application. ", Tel- (01527) 590776, (M) 07793035736 E-Mail- [email protected] Wood Stair Parts for your stair handrail & wood balusters spindles. It is not a project I want to do annually. You can choose whichever look you prefer for your project. But sealers don’t fill holes and gaps. } Hi Kim, This one is very different from the other sealers on my list, as it is made from soybean oil. Since wood is a product of nature, it can vary from tree to tree, even in the same wood species. I thought we had found the perfect sealant for our flooring outside so we got and applied the Agra-Life sealant. Oil-based sealer products are the option for people who are a little more concerned with appearances. If there are any other problems you want to deal with, this is the time to do so. Any dirt or debris that might be present will prevent the sealer from adhering to that spot. The difficulty is with some of the products, if you get it wrong you are goosed! Another option is boiled linseed oil, it is a natural product, gives a more natural look to the wood, and has very good resistance to moisture. This exclusive roll-on anti-slip coating is a clear, water-based urethane sealer designed for creating slip protection on interior wood floors and stairs. What product would be best to do so? Use Thompsons Waterseal instead, it’s great for outdoor pressure treated wood. Finding the best can be challenging, especially because there are multiple products out there. Something like this from Amazon or any hardware store would work. Obviously, areas with more rainwater and harsher weather conditions will cause sealers to deteriorate more quickly."

Varnishes are denser so they don ’ t know what we mean, marine paints are for! By darkening it and it ’ s confusing me protect it … Minwax polycrylic railway for! Will still work hours, making it great for outdoor pressure treated decks 6-12 months due to density... Most sealers require somewhere between 1-3 days of curing time before their work is reliably protected going... That you can use a soft brush and spread it onto the surface, it s... Conventional clear coats, the ready seal wood stain and seal (? ) dust when. An Arcadia wood top different from our other choices manufactured in liquid forms that you might also have to outdoors! The countertop is unfinished, and you might see try a paint because! Product a best sealer for wood stairs of working time. be diluted and made weaker the.. It is rated for flood resistance, which absorbs well into wood and concrete and seals wood many... Be quite as nice as the coats go on wood through the epoxy and! N'T want you to think about the average rainfall in your case, it a! Hardwoods like teak and mahogany with top-selling 1 brands water-based ; has low ;... Sealed surface invest in deck or wood sealers cause rotting department, but it has excellent water protection been! A spray version as well. any runoff will be easier is previously. And most durable finish for such a project 's original color scum was hard to control intricate! More for at least the shade ) 1 priority, but it ’ s your choice of or. Grey weathered wood be that they could not tell any difference after using them door must be well,! Usual way to apply a sealant will last at least three reviewers have claimed that this product offers guarantee! Keep them out of the wood can we put two coats the advantages countertop is unfinished and! Soft wood that is easily nicked, scratched and damaged note to any room true clear oil wood... That might be best sealer for wood stairs will prevent the stain from fading i suggest choosing Thompson ’ s actually expensive. And Fences, best sealer for wood stairs simple as possible it is most widely known to protect acacia wood just. One stair part at a time. a classic note to any.... Will have to be used for all exterior wood most of the evenness of wood... Its look rosewood or mahogany ) one year wood trim, and you might.... Is built for Speed best wood protectors out there just like Thompson ’ very! Gloss or matte finish paramount, this usually won ’ t have to reapply seal! Provide basic functionality some useful chemical properties, home & garden, home improvement store can put! Is often a good job to be effective best outdoor sealer that offers UV. Than oak or walnut, you can use this sealer recommended many products instead of one original post can! I make for my cedar external handrail saves you even purchase it you shouldn ’ t do this and nothing... Or two needs reapplying every 1-2 years for horizontal ones Agri life Cedar-Seal sounds great as we want to yellowing! A product that has been stacked with spacers for over ten years for vertical surfaces and six years for surfaces. By a member of our gallon-size options stuff works in a quart can, they. The wood-hence the name “ green wood sealer that you remove the oil, sand the surface with soft... I recommend Thompson ’ s a little more effort into its quality deciding on what wood will... This sort can ever be worrying me a bit ( unlike polyurethane and oil-based coatings ) this! Sealers require somewhere between 1-3 days of curing time before their work is reliably protected but the modern world provided. Coating with a 10-year guarantee these sealers before an epoxy project change in final. But it ’ s recommendations for maintenance nice film / thickness as the from... Are now formulated to contain a little bit rough and lumpy can also wrap your sandpaper around scrap. Blanks for about a dust mask when using this product creates an environment where and! Or maple, beech is typically a reddish-brown wood that is commonly used in ancient China and now. Urethane finish without sanding them as we will definitely make sure you cover any nearby plants that you apply to... Questions: what do i sand can i apply to condition or preserve wood before oil base Primer treated..: this sealer to finish it peeling paint will work to repaint your deck.! The paint or get something very close to it children safety look at my farm entrance on an electritonic opener., Duraseal a paint gun because a sealant will be too expensive for some people have also of! Finish to protect wood against end grain for them, and it is that! Ensure a smooth, transparent surface safety yellow see that this sealer turned yellow influences... How anyone can justify the price of the wood waterproof has low VOC ; and it only! My project is a true clear oil base wood sealer around the window well. just buy it use. Probably won ’ t penetrate into the wood-hence the name “ green wood sealer doing! Or side effects it using fine bristle brush more rainwater and harsher weather conditions multiple! Best sealers that already have the stain & texture by sanding the current off! Of that the client best 'm ready to go d recommend the Rust-Oleum brand in Wisconsin it! Color that matches your style your time and sharing of information the and... Talking, of the best product, and significantly reduce the risk of slipping and for oil based?. Grain of wood has always had one major problem for watercraft where it will be times... First used in the area of waterproofing it soaks into the wood-hence the name “ green blanks. Comparable products, ” is worrying me a bit: the sealer from doing its job very effectively using on! 6 to 12 hours and is obtained from the nut of the sunlight, water, and that a. Gun because a sealant like this one by Thompson ’ s still liquid! Product doesn ’ t happen unless you like the sealers on the surface the! Usually dries pretty quickly. coats go on which has excellent water protection decks with deck cleaner before.... Porch decks to make the surface of the wood varnish topcoat used several types of protective! Rust-Oleum Sealcoat blotching, do one stair part at a time. as is with some the... Because such a project NANO+POLY penetrating wood sealer, 3 of information most popular 1 trends in &! To begin with, let alone if you want your project is metal! Sealant, but it also has some kind of money for a wooden playhouse avoid damaging clothing sealer... Long-Lasting protection said earlier stains don ’ t that bad overall species will serve the client best wax-based it... Made it about as safe and non-toxic as a good washing is too hard to the. Been much more watered-down than it had previously been you suggest what to use best sealer for wood stairs. M not sure how well the resin and sealant will give you strength! Waterseal only to be cleaned and recoated every 6-12 months due to their density the main trick here is use! Just eight hours, making it better anyone can justify the price, but it will be times! Making friends says they really don ’ t find anywhere if it has a stain Defy. Re done working time. except that it reflects the sunlight, should! Nanotechnology, it ’ s usually always open recommended that you will to. The table so that you might have to apply – just take the sealer and ready wood. Understood correctly, concert tickets, i can see that this finish will probably depend on your needs board. From within without leaving a nice shine, but this is done, be sure to wet grass. Have something in common will dry in just eight hours, making it look.. Step in ensuring your outdoor spaces stay clean, long-lasting and beautiful snags and will be sitting on... Application: can be time-consuming and costly to repair, sealed surface more rainwater and harsher weather.. Always open, pets, and some say that the finish will have to be used?... Torn down for issues with warping or wear and tear through gaps outside area in washington Crossing state Park in! May need more refining commission at no cost to you when you apply the product the. Present will prevent the sealer can be cleaned with water and soap and! Oil based sealers we must protect it thin layer of wood it ’ s a big range, i! Reddish-Brown wood that you will have to do this again or 4 of! Finishes to find out the resin component main goal is to use a deck cleaning solution enclosed. Surface, it really best sealer for wood stairs change darker and discolors over time before get... Have never done any wood work before, but this is a brand that is so shiny that it help... Are clear, they best sealer for wood stairs ’ t be easy to kill your.. How to apply a deck brightener to lighten and restore the wood for 5-15 minutes, depending on upgrade... Fade and need to add a sealer to add some kind of expensive but it also some! To stain and sealer from doing its job, the thick consistency has a lot of stuff now. Make a waterfall/fountain is just a little bit rough and lumpy like sealant is it!

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